Español I; (Resources for Incoming Freshmen)

Welcome to our resource page for those students who are currently studying Spanish in middle school and are thinking about enrolling in Spanish II at GHS as a freshman.  This is also our resource page for GHS Spanish I students.  
As a high school program we do things a little differently. One important difference is that we grade our students using competencies. Our competencies are as follows:
1. Communication: Students will demonstrate an ability to write and speak in Spanish.
2. Comprehension and Culture: Students will demonstrate an ability to listen and read in Spanish. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of cultural traditions in the Spanish-speaking world.
3. Grammar and Vocabulary: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the words and structures of Spanish as well as a understanding of how Spanish differs from English. 
Each of the above competencies is worth thirty percent of the overall grade. The remaining ten percent of the grade is Mission Competency grade as outlined by Gilford High School policy.
In Spanish I we expect students to demonstrate their ability to speak about, write about, listen to and read about the following themes and topics. Listed below are links to the vocabulary pages that we give our students. They do not include grammar notes given in class or additional practice pages.