Español I-2

Ahora asistes a la clase de Español I-2.  ¡Genial!  Usa los enlaces abajo para navegar al sitio que necesitas.
You are now in Spanish I-2 class.  Great!  Use the links below to navegate to the site that you need. 
1.  Hablar y Escribir:  Can you express yourself in Spanish?  This competency is about speaking and writing in Spanish.
2.  Leer y Escuchar:  Can you understand Spanish?  This competency is about reading and listening in Spanish.
3.  La gramática y el vocabulario:  Can you put all of the parts of the language together correctly?  This competency is about grammar and vocabulary. 
Each competency is worth 30% of the final grade with the remaining 10% coming from the Mission Competency grade. 
 Vas a aprender sobre: 
You are going to learn about:
  • breakfast and lunch food and breakfast traditions in Spain
  • dinner food and about good choices to make to maintain your health
  • going to places around town
  • things you do in your free time and expressing the near future
  • family and how to describe the people in your family
  • dining out and how to express needs, wants and what might be missing
  • clothing, colors and styles
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